General Settings


Range:0 to 16

Set the maximum anisotropic filtering on textures. Anisotropic filtering is a method of enhancing the image quality of textures on surfaces that are at oblique viewing angles with respect to the camera. Valid values range from 0 to 16. Modern video cards can often perform 8 or 16 anisotropic filtering with a minimal performance impact. This effect of this setting can be seen in the Video panel of the Options menu by finding a location with straight lines (striped rugs and Balmora cobblestones work well) radiating into the distance, and adjusting the anisotropy slider.

This setting can be changed in game using the Anisotropy slider in the Detail tab of the Video panel of the Options menu.

screenshot format

Range:jpg, png, tga

Specify the format for screen shots taken by pressing the screen shot key (bound to F12 by default). This setting should be the file extension commonly associated with the desired format. The formats supported will be determined at compilation, but “jpg”, “png”, and “tga” should be allowed.

This setting can be configured in Advanced tab of the launcher.

texture mag filter

Range:nearest, linear

Set the texture magnification filter type.

texture min filter

Range:nearest, linear

Set the texture minification filter type.

texture mipmap

Range:none, nearest, linear

Set the texture mipmap type to control the method mipmaps are created. Mipmapping is a way of reducing the processing power needed during minification by pregenerating a series of smaller textures.

notify on saved screenshot


Show message box when screenshot is saved to a file.

preferred locales


List of the preferred locales separated by comma. For example “de,en” means German as the first prority and English as a fallback.

Each locale must consist of a two-letter language code (e.g. “de” or “en”) and can also optionally include a two-letter country code (e.g. “en_US”, “fr_CA”). Locales with country codes can match locales without one (e.g. specifying “en_US” will match “en”), so is recommended that you include the country codes where possible, since if the country code isn’t specified the generic language-code only locale might refer to any of the country-specific variants.

Two highest priority locales may be assigned via the Localization tab of the in-game options.

log buffer size

Type:platform dependant unsigned integer
Range:>= 0

Buffer size for the in-game log viewer (press F10 to toggle the log viewer). When the log doesn’t fit into the buffer, only the end of the log is visible in the log viewer. Zero disables the log viewer.

This setting can only be configured by editing the settings configuration file.