Text Widget


name type (default value) description
autoSize boolean (true)
Adjusts this widget’s size to fit the text exactly.
Ignores size and relativeSize.
text string (‘’) The text to display.
textSize number (10) The size of the text.
textColor util.color (rgb(0, 0, 0)) The color of the text.
multiline boolean (false) Whether to render text on multiple lines.
wordWrap boolean (false) Whether to break text into lines to fit the widget’s width.
textAlignH ui.ALIGNMENT (Start) Horizontal alignment of the text.
textAlignV ui.ALIGNMENT (Start) Vertical alignment of the text.
textShadow boolean (false) Whether to render a shadow behind the text.
textShadowColor util.color (rgb(0, 0, 0)) The color of the text shadow.