Built-in events

OpenMW version: 0.49.0
core.API_REVISION: 55 *

Actor events


This event is sent to an actor’s local script when that actor dies.

eventHandlers = {
    Died = function()
        print('Alas, ye hardly knew me!')

StartAIPackage, RemoveAIPackages

Any script can send to any actor (except player, for player will be ignored) events StartAIPackage and RemoveAIPackages. The effect is equivalent to calling interfaces.AI.startPackage or interfaces.AI.removePackages in a local script on this actor.


actor:sendEvent('StartAIPackage', {type='Combat', target=self.object})
actor:sendEvent('RemoveAIPackages', 'Pursue')


Any script can send global event UseItem with arguments object, actor, and optional boolean force. The actor will use (e.g. equip or consume) the object. The object should be in the actor’s inventory.


core.sendGlobalEvent('UseItem', {object = potion, actor = player, force = true})

UI events


Every time UI mode is changed built-in scripts send to player the event UiModeChanged with arguments oldMode, ``newMode (same as I.UI.getMode()) and arg (for example in the mode Book the argument is the book the player is reading).

eventHandlers = {
    UiModeChanged = function(data)
        print('UiModeChanged from', data.oldMode , 'to', data.newMode, '('..tostring(data.arg)..')')


Equivalent to I.UI.addMode, but can be sent from another object or global script.

player:sendEvent('AddUiMode', {mode = 'Book', target = book})


Equivalent to I.UI.setMode, but can be sent from another object or global script.

player:sendEvent('SetUiMode', {mode = 'Book', target = book})

World events

Global events that just call the corresponding function in openmw.world.

-- world.pause(tag)
core.sendGlobalEvent('Pause', tag)

-- world.unpause(tag)
core.sendGlobalEvent('Unpause', tag)

-- world.setGameTimeScale(scale)
core.sendGlobalEvent('SetGameTimeScale', scale)

-- world.setSimulationTimeScale(scale)
core.sendGlobalEvent('SetSimulationTimeScale', scale)