Flex Widget

Aligns its children along either a column or a row, depending on the horizontal property.


name type (default value) description
horizontal bool (false)
Flex aligns its children in a row (main axis is horizontal) if true,
otherwise in a column (main axis is vertical).
autoSize bool (true)
If true, Flex will automatically resize to fit its contents.
Children can’t be relatively position/sized when true.
align ui.ALIGNMENT (Start) Where to align the children in the main axis.
arrange ui.ALIGNMENT (Start) How to arrange the children in the cross axis.


name type (default value) description
grow float (0)
Grow factor for the child. If there is unused space in the Flex,
it will be split between widgets according to this value.
Has no effect if autoSize is true.
stretch float (0)
Stretches the child to a percentage of the Flex’s cross axis size.