The music system in OpenMW is hard-coded and audio files are used automatically when placed into correct folders.

  • data/music/explore - Folder contents are played outside combat, shuffling between available files.
  • data/music/battle - Folder contents are played during combat, shuffling between available files.

Three special files also require a specific name. In this example a .mp3 format is used, but any other format will also work as long as the filename is correct.

  • data/music/special/morrowind title.mp3 - Main menu music.
  • data/music/special/mw_death.mp3 - Plays when the player dies.
  • data/music/special/mw_triumph.mp3 - Plays when the level up menu appears.

Supported Formats

OpenMW uses FFmpeg framework and thus supports a great variety of formats. Using either .mp3 or .ogg for music files is a common choice.