Record Types

A game world contains many items, such as chests, weapons and monsters. All these items are merely instances of templates we call Objects. The OpenMW CS Objects table contains information about each of these template objects, such as its value and weight in the case of items, or an aggression level in the case of NPCs.

The following is a list of all Record Types and what you can tell OpenMW CS about each of them.

Activators can have a script attached to them. As long as the cell this object is in is active the script will be run once per frame.
This is a potion which is not self-made. It has an Icon for your inventory, weight, coin value, and an attribute called Auto Calc set to False. This means that the effects of this potion are pre-configured. This does not happen when the player makes their own potion.
This is a tool to make potions. Again there’s an icon for your inventory as well as a weight and a coin value. It also has a Quality value attached to it: the higher the number, the better the effect on your potions will be. The Apparatus Type describes if the item is a Calcinator, Retort, Alembic or Mortar & Pestle.
This type of item adds Enchantment Points to the mix. Every piece of clothing or armor has a “pool” of potential Magicka that gets unlocked when the player enchants it. Strong enchantments consume more magicka from this pool: the stronger the enchantment, the more Enchantment Points each cast will take up. Health means the amount of hit points this piece of armor has. If it sustains enough damage, the armor will be destroyed. Finally, Armor Value tells the game how much points to add to the player character’s Armor Rating.
This includes scrolls and notes. For the game to make the distinction between books and scrolls, an extra property, Scroll, has been added. Under the Skill column a scroll or book can have an in-game skill listed. Reading this item will raise the player’s level in that specific skill.
These items work just like armors, but confer no protective properties. Rather than Armor Type, these items have a Clothing Type.
This is all the stuff that stores items, from chests to sacks to plants. Its Capacity shows how much stuff you can put in the container. You can compare it to the maximum allowed load a player character can carry. A container, however, will just refuse to take the item in question when it gets “over-encumbered”. Organic Containers are containers such as plants. Containers that respawn are not safe to store stuff in. After a certain amount of time they will reset to their default contents, meaning that everything in them is gone forever.
These can be monsters, animals and the like.