Advanced Settings ConfigurationΒΆ

This part of the guide will cover how to make modifications to the more arcane settings in OpenMW, most of which are not available from in-game menus, to optimize or customize your OpenMW experience. If you are familiar with .ini tweaks in Morrowind or the other games, this will be quite similar. All settings described in this section are changed in settings.cfg, located in your OpenMW user directory. See Paths for this location.

Although this guide attempts to be comprehensive and up to date, you will always be able to find the full list of settings available and their default values in settings-default.cfg in your main OpenMW installation directory. The ranges I have included with each setting are the physically possible ranges, not recommendations.


As the title suggests, these are advanced settings. If digging around plain text files and manually editing settings sounds scary to you, you may want to steer clear of altering these files. That being said, this guide should be plenty clear enough that you can find the setting you want to change and safely edit it.

Table of Contents