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namespace OMW
class Engine
#include <engine.hpp>

Main engine class, that brings together all the components of OpenMW.

Public Functions

Engine(Files::ConfigurationManager &configurationManager)
virtual ~Engine()
void enableFSStrict(bool fsStrict)

Enable strict filesystem mode (do not fold case)

The strict mode must be specified before any path-related settings are given to the engine.

void setDataDirs(const Files::PathContainer &dataDirs)

Set data dirs.

void addArchive(const std::string &archive)

Add BSA archive.

void setResourceDir(const boost::filesystem::path &parResDir)

Set resource dir.

void setCell(const std::string &cellName)

Set start cell name (only interiors for now)

void addContentFile(const std::string &file)

addContentFile - Adds content file (ie. esm/esp, or omwgame/omwaddon) to the content files container.

  • file: - filename (extension is required)

void setScriptsVerbosity(bool scriptsVerbosity)

Enable or disable verbose script output.

void setSoundUsage(bool soundUsage)

Disable or enable all sounds.

void setSkipMenu(bool skipMenu, bool newGame)

Skip main menu and go directly into the game

  • newGame: Start a new game instead off dumping the player into the game (ignored if !skipMenu).

void setGrabMouse(bool grab)
void go()

Initialise and enter main loop.

void setCompileAll(bool all)

Compile all scripts (excludign dialogue scripts) at startup?

void setCompileAllDialogue(bool all)

Compile all dialogue scripts at startup?

void setEncoding(const ToUTF8::FromType &encoding)

Font encoding.

void setFallbackValues(std::map<std::string, std::string> map)
void setScriptConsoleMode(bool enabled)

Enable console-only script functionality.

void setStartupScript(const std::string &path)

Set path for a script that is run on startup in the console.

void setActivationDistanceOverride(int distance)

Override the game setting specified activation distance.

void setWarningsMode(int mode)
void setScriptBlacklist(const std::vector<std::string> &list)
void setScriptBlacklistUse(bool use)
void enableFontExport(bool exportFonts)
void setSaveGameFile(const std::string &savegame)

Set the save game file to load after initialising the engine.

Private Functions

Engine(const Engine&)
Engine &operator=(const Engine&)
void executeLocalScripts()
void frame(float dt)
std::string loadSettings(Settings::Manager &settings)

Load settings from various files, returns the path to the user settings file.

void prepareEngine(Settings::Manager &settings)

Prepare engine for game play.

void createWindow(Settings::Manager &settings)
void setWindowIcon()

Private Members

SDL_Window *mWindow
std::auto_ptr<VFS::Manager> mVFS
std::auto_ptr<Resource::ResourceSystem> mResourceSystem
MWBase::Environment mEnvironment
ToUTF8::FromType mEncoding
ToUTF8::Utf8Encoder *mEncoder
Files::PathContainer mDataDirs
std::vector<std::string> mArchives
boost::filesystem::path mResDir
osg::ref_ptr<osgViewer::Viewer> mViewer
osg::ref_ptr<osgViewer::ScreenCaptureHandler> mScreenCaptureHandler
std::string mCellName
std::vector<std::string> mContentFiles
bool mVerboseScripts
bool mSkipMenu
bool mUseSound
bool mCompileAll
bool mCompileAllDialogue
int mWarningsMode
std::string mFocusName
std::map<std::string, std::string> mFallbackMap
bool mScriptConsoleMode
std::string mStartupScript
int mActivationDistanceOverride
std::string mSaveGameFile
bool mGrab
bool mExportFonts
Compiler::Extensions mExtensions
Compiler::Context *mScriptContext
Files::Collections mFileCollections
bool mFSStrict
Translation::Storage mTranslationDataStorage
std::vector<std::string> mScriptBlacklist
bool mScriptBlacklistUse
bool mNewGame
osg::Timer_t mStartTick
Files::ConfigurationManager &mCfgMgr

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